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Zodiac CH 650

Photo Assembly Guides: 
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Note:  The Zenith CH 650-B is the newest Zodiac model, replacing the CH 601 XL model.  Most of the construction between the Zodiac XL and the Zodiac CH 650 is the same and not all of the manuals below reflect the changes or updates.  Please check the online builder resources for the newest information, and remember that the Drawings (blueprints) take precedence over the manuals.

See the online ZODIAC Photo Assembly Guides page for a complete list of the latest available Photo Assembly Guides.
Title Page Photo Assembly Guides Title Page (one page)
introduction Basic Introduction to Building (rudder)
Construction Standards for Zenair Light Airplanes (draft edition)
Illustrated Parts
Zodiac Illustrated Parts Catalog.  This new draft Parts Catalog makes it easy to identify parts and assemblies of the Zodiac XL airframe (and to use with the new online parts ordering system).
Tail Sections
65-T-4 Rudder Spar & Ribs
65-T-5 Rudder Trailing Edge & Leading Edge Skins
6-T-1A Stabilizer Front Spar & Doublers
6-T-1B Stabilizer Rear Spar & Doublers
6-T-1C Stabilizer Skeleton
6-T-2A Stabilizer Skin
6-T-2B Piano Hinge
6-T-2C Stabilizer Installation to Fuselage
6-T-3A Elevator Ribs & Skin
6-T-3B Elevator Horns
6-T-3C Elevator Cutout
6-T-3 Elevator Matched Drilled
6-T-6 Trim Tab
6-NSO-1 Rudder Position Light
6-W-1 Wings Photo Manual - Flaps
6-W-2 Wings Photo Manual - Ailerons
6-W-3 Wings Photo Manual - Outboard Wing Spar Assembly
6-W-5 Wings Photo Manual - Spar Tip / Nose Rib
6-W-6 Wings Photo Manual - Rear Ribs / Aileron Bellcrank
6-W-7a Wings Photo Manual - Wing Assembly
6-W-7b Wings Photo Manual - Wing Assembly
6-W-8a Wings Photo Manual - Wing Skins: 1 of 2
6-W-8aa Wings Photo Manual - Wing Assembly: Checking Wing Twist
6-W-8b Wings Photo Manual - Wing Skins: 2 of 2
6-W-9 Wings Photo Manual - Tie Down Ring/ Access Cover/ Wing Tip / Pitot Tube
6-W-10 Wings Photo Manual - Aileron Control / Bellcrank/ Deflection / Stops
6-K-1 Wings Photo Manual - Leading Edge Wing Tanks
6-K-1b Wings Photo Manual - Fuel Sender
6-LLO-1 Wings Photo Manual - Landing Light Option
6-B-1 Fuselage Bottom / Horizontal Tail Frames
6-B-2   Rear Bottom Longerons / Rear Fuselage Members
6-B-3   Rear Side Skins / Rear Fuselage Members
6-B-4 Rear Fuselage Riveting
6-B-5 Gear Channel
6-B-6 Firewall & Stiffener/ Engine Mount Fittings
6-B-7 Firewall Riveting/ Firewall Front & Rear Stiffeners/ Nose Gear Upper Bearing
6-B-8  Front Floor Skin
6-B-9   Rudder Pedal / Toe Brakes
6-B-10 Front Floor Skin/ Center Wing Spar
6-B-11A Upper Front Longerons / Fuselage Side Skins
6-B-11B Upper Front Longerons / Fuselage Side Skins
6-B-11C Upper Front Longerons / Fuselage Side Skins
6-B-11D Upper Front Longerons / Fuselage Side Skins
6-B-12 Fuselage Bulkheads
6-B-13 Wing Jig / Center Wing Spar Uprights
6-B-14 Joining Fuselage Assemblies / Main Gear Attach.
6-B-15 Forward Fuselage Stiffeners / Front Seat Panel
6-B-16A Seat Back Support
6-B-16B Baggage Panel 
6-B-16C Longeron Doubler 
6-B-17 Control Stick / Torque Tube 
6-B-18 Arm Rest / Seat Bottom / Seat Belt Attachment
6-B-19-DWG Update: Installing the new style linear flap actuator (10/2007)
6-B-19 Fuselage Assembly 
6-B-21A Shoulder Harness Attachment 
6-B-21B Fuselage Top Skins 
6-B-21C Fuselage Assembly 
6-G Landing Gear / Brake Lines 
6-ADO Fuselage Bottom Access Door 
Canopy (original Zodiac XL canopy)
6-C-1 Canopy Hinge
6-C-2 Canopy Side Frames With Latch & Gas Springs
6-C-3a Canopy Assembly
6-C-3b Canopy Frame
6-C-3c Canopy Assembly
6-C-3d Canopy Assembly
6-C-3 Canopy Frame / Inside & Outside Frame
6-C-4 Canopy Screws & Seals
UL Power UL350iS Engine Installation (see UL Power website for engine specific info including Owners Manual)
Section 1 UL Power UL350iS Engine Installation: Engine Mount
Section 2 UL Power UL350iS Engine Installation: Oil Cooler
Section 3 UL Power UL350iS Engine Installation: Oil Cooler
Section 4 UL Power UL350iS Engine Installation: Fuel System
Rotax 912S Engine Installation  (see Rotax Manuals)
912S Rotax 912S Engine Installation: Table of Contents
912S-1 Rotax 912S Engine Installation: Engine Mount
912S-2 Rotax 912S Engine Installation: Bolting on the Engine
912S-3 Rotax 912S Engine Installation: Engine Controls: Throttle / Choke
912S-4 Rotax 912S Engine Installation: Radiator
912S-5 Rotax 912S Engine Installation: Oil Radiator
912S-6 Rotax 912S Engine Installation: Propeller
912S-7 Rotax 912S Engine Installation: Engine Cowl
912S-8 Rotax 912S Engine Installation: Exhaust / Muffler
912S-9 Rotax 912S Engine Installation: Air Filter
912S-10 Rotax 912S Engine Installation: Electric System
Dual Control Sticks Option
ds-1of3 Dual Control Sticks Option: Section 1 of 3
ds-2of3 Dual Control Sticks Option: Section 2 of 3
ds-3of3 Dual Control Sticks Option: Section 3 of 3
Tail-Wheel (tail dragger) Gear Option
td0 Tail-Wheel Gear Option: Parts List
td1 Tail-Wheel Gear Option: Section 1 of 4
td2 Tail-Wheel Gear Option: Section 2 of 4
td3 Tail-Wheel Gear Option: Section 3 of 4
td4 Tail-Wheel Gear Option: Section 4 of 4
Aircraft Finishing / Kit Options
wfo1 Wheel Fairings Option: Section 1 of 2 (new style 6/06)
wfo2 Wheel Fairings Option: Section 2 of 2 (new style 6/06)
wb Weight & Balance Worksheet
Other Info / Miscellaneous Files
Other Info:
  • HomebuiltHELP.com has produced a highly recommended series of step-by-step instructional builder videos (on DVD) specifically for Zodiac builders.  These instructional videos are an excellent supplement to the drawings and photo guides.
  • Recommended reading: Kitplanesbooks.com supplies useful books specifically for builders and pilots of kit airplanes, including the recommended Standard Aircraft Handbook, builder and pilot logbooks, videos, and more. 
  • Visit the Zenith website for additional information and updates.
Other Info:

For the latest versions of these manuals, see the online ZODIAC assembly manuals updates page
Note: The online versions of the manuals are low resolution (lower photo quality) pdf format files for faster downloads.

   Jabiru 3300A Aircraft Engine

Jabiru 3300 Engine Documentation (from Jabiru)
Online Jabiru Info:

Rotax Engine Documentation (from Rotax)
Online Rotax Info:

FAA Documentation: Online: FAA resources for amateur aircraft builders: http://www.faa.gov

FAA Forms: Online: http://www.faa.gov/library/forms
Other FAA Resources and Publications: Online: http://www.faa.gov/library

    Zodiac CH 650

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