Monthly Archives: June 2014

Started the elevator today

I cleaned up the shop today and stored the horizontal stabilizer until is needed. That cleared a lot of room on the work surface. I started the elevator today,

elevator inboard ribs

elevator inboard ribs

though I didn’t get a lot done on it I did get a pair of ribs deburred and marked the location of a couple of ‘L’ angels that will be attached soon. Keep tuned and you see the elevator take shape over the next 3 weeks or so.

Horizontal Stab Wrap Up

Work continues… Slowly. I am wrapping up the Horizontal stabilizer… for now. I can’t do anymore more to the stabilizer until it is time to install it on the fuselage….. that will be a while. I know it looks like it might be missing something…. and you would be correct. It is missing the elevator which connects to the hinge on the back of the stabilizer. The elevator is next on the build schedule.

Here are a couple of pics of the stabilizer

6-19-2014a 6-19-2014c

Finishing up the Horizontal Stabalizer

My Wife Cheryl, My Dad and I have been slowly but surely working on completing the horizontal stabilizer. There are a few things I can’t do until later in the construction process by suggestion from the construction manual. I believe that building should accelerate now that school is done for a little while… and it’s above -10 deg outside. I should be riveting most of the top of the tab soon. Then its on to the elevator.Hstab