We’re Going to Mexico… Missouri!

Cheryl and I will be going to the Zenith factory this summer to participate in a workshop where we will assemble the rudder to what we hope will become our airplane. I am very excited about this. We have reserved lodging and taken time off to attend. I believe that we will also get to take the factory demonstrator for ride. For me, that will be what makes or breaks the deal, though I do not expect there to be any issues. I can’t wait for Cheryl to take her first small airplane ride. I am also excited seeing Cheryl start to share… some of my enthusiasm for this project and am very thankful for her support.



One thought on “We’re Going to Mexico… Missouri!

  1. Kirby Post author

    I discovered that I can have 2 guests help me build my rudder. My father has been very excited with this project and now he is going to meet us in Mexico Mo. to help build the rudder and go for a demonstration ride. I am excited to know what he thinks of the airplane. I value and trust his thoughts on this subject. I can’t wait to go!

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